Hello, as I guess you are wondering who I am or want to know more about me, I will tell you just that. I am John D. Caruso III, an entrepreneur and student located in Pittsburgh, PA. I am the Owner and Founder of The Owner Brand, LLC. (www.TheOwnerBrand.com) and Co-founder of Alpha Boost Media (www.AlphaBoostMedia.com). Along with those two businesses, I am also a part of John D. Caruso Inc. Asphalt Paving (www.jdcarusoinc.com).

I was born and raised in an entrepreneurial environment and took a big liking to it very early on. With my father owning John D. Caruso Inc., I have been able to learn everything from the skilled trades of asphalt paving and wrench turning to book keeping, blueprint reading, estimating, sales and marketing. Now, with all the experiences and knowledge that I have gained along my journey, I am giving back by sharing and spreading knowledge and motivation through the movement I have created, The Owner Brand.

If you’re a hustler, The Owner Brand movement is something that you will want to be involved with (in fact you can do so by joining the Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheOwnerclub/ ). With the movement, I am creating a community of people who are hustling non-stop to become the best at what they do, no matter what they do. Within the movement, I am providing tons of opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals along with providing you tons of knowledge from myself and other successful people in my network to help you grow and continue on your path to success. You can also follow my personal channels for some more “behind the scenes” type things like what I do daily to run my companies, what I do to keep growing as an individual, the people I have in my network and more.