Stay Focused on You

In a world filled with tons of distraction, its hard to stay completely focused on yourself. You’re not the only one. Everyone struggles to get things done and its usually because they are too focused on everything but their task. Whether it be your phone, the TV, hanging out with your friends or doing something for your family, or literally anything that isn’t the task that you are trying to complete. There is just so much distraction.

Back to the issue though. When it comes to getting stuff done for you, it takes forever to do or sometimes doesn’t even get done. The answer to this problem is actually very simple. You could be a much more productive person if you changed just one thing.

That one thing would be how you handle distraction. Whether you let distractions take your attention away from the task at hand or you ignore those distractions and focus hard on what you need to get done. Everyone thinks that ignoring distractions is such a hard thing to do, and yes it can be at first, but once you start realizing that if you focus more on yourself and building up your “assets”, that decision will become much easier. Once you realize that taking the time to read a book benefits you more than sitting on your phone scrolling through social media, the decision to focus more on you will become the best decision you ever make.

Overall, investing in yourself, rather than wasting time on distractions, will forever be the best decision you make. When you need to get something done, make sure it’s done before you go on social media just to see what others are doing. Realize whats most important in life; what will get you further. Invest in yourself. Focus on you and Own your life.

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