Stop wasting time!

What did you do today? Go to school or work? Sit at home and play video games? Work on perfecting your art? Hang out with your friends? Sleep the day away?
Well, if you did something today that helped you take a step towards a better future or got you closer to reaching your goal(s), then you did good. That’s what you should be doing every single day until you’ve passed your envisioned point of success. The harder, smarter and more consistently you work at bettering your future and reaching your goal(s), the more success you will see and the sooner you will see it.
If you waste your time slacking off and doing unnecessary things, your goal(s) and a better future will be waiting a long way down the road or you may have even missed your opportunity. For example, the idea that you think will make you millions that you’re waiting to start working on because you are too busy watching tv, might be thought of by someone else that is willing to jump on it right away and make it happen. Or, the day you want to take off from practicing your art because you want to go hang out with your friends instead, will be used by a competitor to take steps ahead of you that will take you a long time to catch up to.
Success doesn’t take breaks or make excuses. Success comes to those who have the want and the will to get ahead and go beyond the average. Yeah, sometimes it sucks to not have as much time off or miss a fun time with friends. But that extra time that you’re spending to get yourself ahead now, will give you the time later on to have a lot more fun with your friends and take time off doing what you want.
Accept what might be rough now, for an even better future than you could have imagined. Putting in the extra time early on is always worth it because in the long run, that extra time provides greater opportunity than if you would have slacked off instead. So don’t make excuses and stop wasting time. Do it now and get ahead. A better future awaits.
 This post is a copy of the original post which was made on Oct. 10, 2016 @ by me (John D. Caruso III). The reason for the re-post is due to the movement of the blog from to

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