Anything is possible

Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and thought to yourself, “I’d really like to __________ one day.”. That blank can be getting good at a particular something, going somewhere, working in a specific place, starting a company of your own, or anything else, but have you ever said this to yourself? Along with that question did you come up with a plan to make it happen? Did you hype yourself up over the plans and all the things that could happen along the way? After you got all excited about everything, did you talk yourself into thinking it just couldn’t be done? Did you start to think “I don’t have the money to do that anyways” or “It would be too hard to make that happen”.

If you have done these things, or something similar, why did you talk yourself out of it? Do you do this on a regular basis about one specific thing? If you hyped something up so much and you know that one thing would truly make you happy because you absolutely want it, why would you change your mind because of one little thing? Why wouldn’t you just push yourself a little harder?

If you really want something in life, JUST GO GET IT. Now I mean if you want a million dollar boat, don’t just go out and try to buy it right now. You most likely don’t have the money or even the credit to buy it. What I mean is that if you want to do something so bad, start working towards it right now. During the time that you usually spend scrolling through social media on your phone, you should be working towards what you want. When you’re up late at night watching a show on TV or Netflix, you should instead be working towards what you want.

Just think about all the time that you spend doing things that aren’t truly productive. What if you just spent all or even just a part of that time working towards the things you want in life? Think about how much closer you would be to completing or reaching your goals. Don’t you think you’d be much happier and feel much more accomplished?

Overall, if you just put your mind towards what you want, you can make it happen. Don’t expect to see big changes within an hour of starting towards your goals. It will take time. But if you stay consistent and put in the work towards what you want, you will eventually get it. Believe in yourself, stay focused and keep pushing through. Anything is possible. You are in control.




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