Organic vs. Paid Online advertising for Start-ups

Do you have a start-up company that you are trying to grow exponentially? Have you started to look into the multiple platforms that offer paid advertising? Well read this post before you decide to go any further with your paid advertising because I believe that I will open your eyes to something that you may not have thought about yet.
For those of you with start ups that are looking to grow (obviously every start up wants to grow) and are trying to figure out what paid advertising method is the best for you, stop looking. No paid advertisement method is good for a start up. You will just be throwing money away that you don’t have. In the beginning stages of growing your business, you should be crushing your organic marketing. By organic marketing, I mean posting regularly on all of your platforms, connecting with all of your current followers, reaching out to people via comments and DM’s that seem like they would like what you have to offer and so on along those lines.
Overall, that is the number 1 way to grow your business at any stage but I say this specifically for startups because 1) most start ups don’t have the money to throw around and you won’t be getting any kind of special results if you use paid advertising. 2) Organic growth is the best way to test if your product or service is even worth while. 3) It will create a great image for people when they think of your “Brand” if you reached out to them and had a genuine conversation with them (ADS CANT TALK TO PEOPLE THE WAY YOU DO).
I know these points to be true because I’ve gone through being a start-up where the first thing me and my partners thought of was how to we grow as quick as we can. Obviously like anyone else, we thought that paid advertising was the best way to go because hey, all you have to do is put in who you want to reach and they give you an estimated amount of people who will see your ad. Now it sounds awesome until you spend money on one ad that doesn’t work and then you keep throwing money at trying to improve your ads. You keep doing this until you realize how much money you’ve spent and you didn’t gain the following you were expecting. On top of that, the followers you did gain aren’t buying your product or service so whats the issue?
Yes I went through all of that and after I did it, I realized I spent too much time focusing on “perfecting” my paid advertising when what I should have been doing was focusing on posting quality content, interacting with current followers and reaching out to people whose pages seem to fit with what I am trying to sell. I realized that people are getting so used to ads being there that they don’t realize them anymore either. So out of all those ads, how many do they really pay attention to. Well the answer is definitely not the small company that no one has heard of.
That being said, for start-ups, paid advertising shouldn’t be your focus. Your focus should be on organic brand building. That is the method that will get you the greatest and highest quality return. I know it first hand. If you read this and are ready to make that change to organic, I applaud you and hope that you find the success that I have. If you read this and want to make the change but don’t know how to get started or maybe you just don’t have the time to go organic, then contact me. One of the business that I run is Alpha Boost Media (A digital media marketing company) and we do focus greatly in social media marketing. Whether you just need some help getting started or you’re looking for someone to manage your accounts for you, we are able to take on the task. We have a skilled team that is guaranteed to get you the organic growth that you’ve been needing. If you’d like to learn more about Alpha Boost Media, you can visit our website ( 
Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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